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Dr. Phillip Zimmerman

Dr. Phillip Zimmerman

Philip is a masterful coach and consultant as well as an entertaining and engaging speaker who uses his insightful vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and love for people to artfully bridge meaning, purpose, and calling in people and organizations.

He calls this method, “Leadership Design.”

His background includes 22+ years in executive leadership of small private and large publicly traded companies. Philip’s successes in building fast growing and very profitable companies and divisions can be attributed to his ability to rapidly assemble, train and lead people to achieve clearly articulated and measurable results. In addition, Philip spent several years in secondary education teaching, coaching and mentoring faculty and students.

'Coach Philip' has remarkable success in helping his executive, mid-level, and entry level workforce clients discover their passion in life, how to fulfill that passion in their vocation, and the joy of serving others along the way. He has a way of inspiring clients to achieve greatness while maintaining life balance and connection with others.

As a consultant, Philip uses his extensive background in leadership training and strategic planning to help companies fully penetrate and dominate their target markets. His training focus is client driven and the outcome is excellence in service and work product delivery. A gifted visionary, Philip is able to help clients envision the future of their markets and see how to get in front of the next big thing.

Philip is an entertaining and engaging speaker who is comfortable speaking to corporate, association, education, and government audiences. Not your stereotypical engineer, Philip has an easy going, light hearted, yet highly energetic presence. He has the ability inspire individuals and organizations to be great and have fun in the process.

Why It Matters...

The industrial age and free market capitalism gave rise to the great economic boom of the United States in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Toward the later half of the twentieth century, a number of factors including rising labor costs and punitive tax structures in the U.S. caused domestic companies to move manufacturing and industrial production to locations around the globe. As the world became more “flat” through globalization, computer and communications technologies connected the globe with a common language translator; the Internet.

The methods, means, and ways that allowed the industrial age to rapidly expand and encompass the globe are being quickly replaced by the connected age economic algorithms that may soon render the industrial age obsolete. These economic algorithms effect every area of business, and in particular the labor pool.

Four generations are currently in the workforce; silent, baby boomers, gen-X, and gen-Y (millennials). The later half of gen-X and all of gen-Y were raised and educated in connected age economic and life style metrics. Companies that bridge the gap between the industrial and connected age generations are the companies that will survive in the future. Those companies that do not bridge the gap will go the way of the horse and carriage companies.

We help companies successfully bridge this gap with the goal of sustaining market share, expanding domestic and global footprint, and becoming connected age companies of the future.